When I first tried Umoya Foods Thrive Instant Amaranth Cereal, I loved it so much that I finished it in two days.
This exquisite product is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and SUPER healthy and a THOUSAND TIMES better than any other similar commercially available product.
There is no added sugar, it is gluten and preservative free and is made from whole foods plant-based ingredients.
Umoya Foods also works with small-scale farmers and supports rural communities to build local economies!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give it a try!

Garth aka Cape Town Vegan 

Thrive Cacao

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Mass: 250g

The draw: Raw cacao, raw beetroot, cacao nibs and gluten free grains, what more do we need to say? A naturally sweetened raw food fix packed with antioxidants and plant-based nutrients. Thrive Cacao not only improves mental alertness but also supports athletic performance and your bodies detoxing processes.

Rich in:

Ingredients: Popped amaranth, beetroot flour, dried cranberries, roasted amaranth flour, roasted cacao nibs, raw cacao, hemp seed protein powder.

How to use: Just add water, milk or any dairy alternative for a deliciously easy breakfast. You can also add to smoothies or use in baked goods!

A little detail: Beetroot is rich in nitrates which improves mitochondria efficiency and so reduces the oxygen cost of exercise! Betalains are antioxidants found within beetroot which are also known to have detoxing properties and theobromine within raw cacao is a mild stimulant giving your brain the boost it always needs.

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