Thrive Baobab

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Mass: 250g

The draw: With a delicious lemon-cinnamon pancake taste Thrive Baobab is perfect as a comforting yet energising start to the day! What you'll get is a high energy, gluten free plant based cereal. Filled with essential fats and micronutrients which feed your gut microbes and support your immune system.

Rich in:
Monounsaturated fatty acids
polyunsaturated fatty acids
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C

Ingredients: Macadamia nut flour, popped amaranth, roasted amaranth flour, baobab powder, hemp seed protein powder, xylitol, cinnamon

How to use: Just add water, milk, or any dairy alternative. You can also use Thrive as a nutrient dense bulking ingredient in baking or smoothies.

A little detail: Macadamia nut has a perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 which is important in relation to managing cholesterol. Baobab has a delicious lemony flavour that pairs perfectly with cinnamon and is also known to feed your gut microbes.

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