When I first tried Umoya Foods Thrive Instant Amaranth Cereal, I loved it so much that I finished it in two days.
This exquisite product is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and SUPER healthy and a THOUSAND TIMES better than any other similar commercially available product.
There is no added sugar, it is gluten and preservative free and is made from whole foods plant-based ingredients.
Umoya Foods also works with small-scale farmers and supports rural communities to build local economies!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give it a try!

Garth aka Cape Town Vegan 

Dressed Up Dressed Down - Chocolatey

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Sometimes we feel like something super simple and unadorned and sometimes we feel like having a breakfast party with all the bells and whistles. Prep for both with this bundle combining the comforting simple flavours of Thrive Ancient Grains with the delicious and layered flavours of Thrive Cacao. You'll alternate getting the benefits of sorghum and millet alongside those of beetroot and raw cacao. Naturally the glory of amaranth grain will run through your veins throughout!

250g Thrive Cacao

450g Thrive Ancient Grains

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