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Nutrient Boost Superfood Powders

Feisty Baobab Spring

Anti-inflammatory, energizing, post-workout recovery boost.

Turmeric Zen Shine

Immune boosting, anti-inflammatory aid to concentration and relaxation.

Vital Green

Pure, high quality Amaranth for micro-nutrient loaded nutrition.

Chocolate Glorious

System-boosting, mineral loaded, anti-oxidant all rounder.

Thrive Gluten Free Cereals

Thrive Cacao

Anti-oxidant rich instant cereal based on ancient grains.

Chocolatey with a rich red velvet texture.

Thrive Baobab

Energy loaded instant cereal, high in protein and rich in essential fatty acids.

All this and it tastes like pancakes! 


Want more detail?


Feisty Baobab Spring

Your ideal post work-out energizer!


Why Feisty? Are you looking for a plant based post-work out mix? Feisty Baobab Spring's anti-inflammatory properties assist with muscle recovery while the bucket loads of vitamin C and antioxidants boost your immune system and provide skin hydration. You get all this with a refreshingly zingy flavour that will put a spring in your step and enhance your post work out buzz!


In addition Feisty is packed full of fiber which is great for your gut microbes. This is all underpinned by the essential micronutrients you're getting from our special ingredient; amaranth leaf powder. 


Flavour and how to use: Feisty Baobab has a sharp lemon sherbet flavour with a hint of ginger and green goodness. Perfect for mixing with yoghurt and honey as a snack, or apple and avocado to create a refreshing smoothie.

Ingredients: Baobab powder, amaranth leaf powder, ground ginger, stevia. 


Turmeric Zen Shine

Elevate your afternoons.


Why Shine? Do you find the afternoon slump gets you down? Turmeric Zen Shine provides a mental and immune boost with a delicious creamy almond and vanilla bean flavour. Take your feeling of well-being to a whole new level.

Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant but has also been known to improve memory function and reduce cell damage! This combined with the all round system boost of Amaranth and essential fats from ground almond gives you a mix great for aiding consideration, relaxation and recovery.

Flavour and how to use: Turmeric Zen Shine has a creamy delicate turmeric flavour with a hint of green goodness and vanilla. For a soothing evening drink add to warmed coconut milk with a pinch of cayenne pepper and/or cinnamon.

Ingredients: Ground almonds, amaranthus leaf powder, chia seeds, turmeric, stevia, vanilla bean powder.


Vital Green

For your everyday micro-nutrient needs!


Why Vital?  Do you need peace of mind that you are getting a good base of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body? Made up of 100% Amaranth leaf powder (wild African spinach), Vital Green does this by providing a pure, high quality source of easily absorbed micro-nutrients. Particularly rich in manganese and magnesium, amaranth supports the absorption of other nutrients by your body so that you use all the nutrients from the food that you eat! 

As with all our products, Vital Green is vegan friendly, gluten, sugar and preservative free. It contains only the purest ingredients and no artificial colourants or flavourants.

It provides an excellent balance of minerals and vitamins including

  • Beta Carotene

  • Folate

  • Calcium 

  • Iron

  • Magnesium

  • Manganese

Flavour and how to use: Vital Green has a refreshing green flavour that is delicious in both savory and sweet applications! Add to anything and everything from pesto and stir fries to green smoothies and avo-toast.

Ingredients: 100% Amaranth leaf powder


Chocolate Glorious

Curb your chocolate cravings while getting a great range of nutrients into your system!


Why Glorious? If you are a chocolate addict like us then this mix based on amaranth and raw cacao will hit the spot wherever you use it! Chocolate Glorious stimulates your mind and taste buds while helping your body maintain a great balance of nutrients.


Glorious combines the brain boosting and anti-oxidant benefits of raw cacao with hemp seed protein, chia seed and desiccated coconut essential fats and the all-round system boost of Amaranth. You end up with a product great for maintaining alertness, balance and recovery.

Flavour and how to use: Chocolate Glorious has a rich raw cacao flavour combined with the sweet notes of dessicated coconut and hint of green from amaranth leaf. 

Perfect as a powered up cocoa replacement for adding to breakfast bowls, smoothies or chocolate based desserts.

Ingredients: Raw cacao powder, amaranth leaf powder, chia seeds, hemp seed protein powder, desiccated coconut, stevia.


Thrive Cacao 

Your antioxidant rich raw food fix!


Why Thrive Cacao? A naturally sweetened mix of raw beetroot, raw cacao and our very special popped and roasted amaranth seed gives you an antioxidant, fibre and protein rich cereal.  

Raw cacao's polyphenols not only reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure, but also keep you feeling invigorated and in good spirits. Beetroot gives  a beautiful pink colour and sweet taste and also has detoxing properties! Topped off with; hemp seed protein, cacao nib crunch and cranberry sweetness this a complex and textured mix which will leave your taste buds tingling!

The popped and roasted amaranth grain is what makes this cereal truly shine. Amaranth grain is a gluten-free seed  which is naturally high in protein and has a deliciously nutty taste. 

How to use: Just add water, milk or any dairy alternative to make a delicious red-velvet cereal with some fun cacao-nib crunch. Thrive cacao goes splendidly with all kinds of fruit; especially berries and citrus fruit. Suitable for breakfasts, lunches or snacking!


Ingredients: Popped amaranth, beetroot flour, dried cranberries, roasted amaranth flour, roasted cacao nibs, raw cacao, hemp seed protein powder. 

Thrive Baobab

Your high energy essential fatty acid fix made into a splendid cinnamon pancake flavoured mix.

Why Thrive Baobab? A cereal that is great for those of you who are always on the move and in need of a whole lot of energy while wanting to support your immune systems! 


Macadamia nuts give you energy  to get through long days and are rich in monounsaturated fats which have been known to help manage cholesterol. Baobab is not only rich in vitamin C but also fibre making it great for your gut microbes! Topped off by cinnamon and hemp seed protein you get a creamy pancake flavoured mix with guilt-free satisfaction!

The popped and roasted amaranth grain is what makes this cereal truly shine. Amaranth grain is a gluten-free seed which is high in protein, especially lysine and methionine which are often lacking in many grains and cereals!

How to use: Just add water, milk or any dairy alternative to make a scrumptiously creamy and cinnamon cereal with a fresh lemon sherbet undertone. Thrive baobab is a joy with honey and peanut butter and is suitable for breakfasts, lunches or snacking!


Ingredients: Macadamia nut flour, popped amaranth, roasted amaranth flour, baobab powder, hemp seed protein powder, xylitol, cinnamon. 


It's in all the products but what actually is Amaranth?

Amaranth leaf, also known as morogo, is a wild African spinach that has been consumed for centuries in Southern Africa.

The abundance of bio-available micro-nutrients make this a  quiet super food that ticks a large box in a healthy, balanced diet.

The leaves have been solar dried and ground to form the base of our Nutrient Boosts. 


Amaranth grain is actually a seed and is part of the ancient grains family, similar to quinoa.

Gluten free, nutrient dense and protein rich, it has been popped and roasted to form the base of our Thrive cereals.


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